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Ask me anything   A showcase of both my love for the sport of futbol but also my love of the players! AND, I'd like to give credit to whose gif's are posted since half the time I do not know where they come from. So thank you to those kind enough to post these awesome GiF's!


 iker casillas with Courtois and Rafael nadal : madrid master 

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Team moc moc today 

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“Hopefully this run continues. With the players we have and the chances we create, leaving a clean sheet is a vital part in picking up victories in all competitions.

“I’m happy, I didn’t think that much about this record, but you guys (media) did. I’ve broken a personal and team record for not conceding goals.

I’m tired of talking about my situation. What’s important is that the fans enjoy the players that the manager is putting out in every competition, every week and that’s it. What I need to do is work as hard as I can for me and then for the team and enjoy it when I play, because that’s always a pleasure.

“Yes, I see myself playing with Real Madrid next year. I need to enjoy myself, because as the manager said, we are in three competitions. Last season was very difficult for us. Right now I hope that in April we are dependant upon ourselves.” — Iker Casillas

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Mourinho confirms Fernando Torres has injured the lateral ligament in his knee :’-(


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